Wolfgang Ortlieb

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Patent attorney Dipl.-Ing.Wolfgang Ortlieb
European Trademark & Design Attorney

Wolfgang Ortlieb joined the patent factory team in March 2010 and prosecutes Patents in the field of electric/electronic as well as in the field of mechanical engineering; He has experience in the industry as an electric/electronic engineer in the field of automatic driving systems and control arrangement especially for textile applications. Based on his long term professional activity in the German Patent and Trademark Office he supports an represents the patent factory team with a broad range of knowledge in the field of intellectual property especially in the patent field.

Wolfgang Ortlieb studied electric/electronic engineering at the University of Stuttgart based on a primary study of general engineering. In 1968 he joined de BBC AG (now ASEA), where he worked as a development engineer for power electronic circuits. The industrial training was continued in firms which developed control components for sewing machines and textile applications where he was also responsible for the protective rights of these developments. In 1980 he started at the German Patent and Trademark Office as a Patent Examiner in fields similar to those of the previous practice which now also encompassed mechanical design; but also additional fields has been chosen in this long term practice e. g. controls for internal combustion engines. He also was promoted to a team leader and so has also conducted many opposition procedures as a chairman also in oral hearings with summoned witnesses. In July 2004 he also passed the Examiniation as a German Patent Attorney.

Professional Experience
1968 – 1970: development engineer at BBC AG (ASEA) in Mannheim

1970 – 1979: team leader for development of control components for general applications and for sewing machines;
Georgii Kobold in Leinfelden bei Stuttgart

1980 – May 2007: Examiner at the German Patent and Trade Mark Office in Munich

Since June 2007: Freelance as a German Patent Attorney

1962 – 1968: Study of general and electric/electronic engineering at the University of Stuttgart
1968: Graduation as Dipl.-Ing.

German, English, French